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Yellow rice with chicken. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

23 mayo, 2021

To cook faster, it is best to prepare all the ingredients before starting. Wash vegetables well; chop the chives and garlic very finely and the peppers into small squares, without the seeds. Pat the breast dry with kitchen paper and cut into bite-size cubes. Heat the broth to keep it warm.

Heat a base of olive oil in a saucepan and fry the chives with a pinch of salt. Add the garlic and cook for a couple of minutes, stirring so it doesn’t burn. Add the peppers and cook for about 6-8 minutes, trying not to stick to the bottom.

Add the chicken, season slightly and sauté over a higher heat so that it takes on a good color. Add the tomato – grated and peeled if it is fresh – and add the wine, lower the heat and let it evaporate. Add the rice and fry for one or two minutes all together, stirring well.

Cover with the broth, add the saffron, a splash of lemon juice and thyme to taste. Lower the heat and let it cook slowly, controlling the cooking. We can correct the liquid level if we see that it remains too dry, although it also depends on the point we are looking for. Check that it cooks evenly; if not, stir gently from time to time.

Incorporate the peas after the first 5 minutes, if they were raw. Another option is to use quality canned peas, adding them right at the end. When the rice is almost ready, turn off the heat, cover and let it rest minimum 5 minutes.

Rice Chicken Steps

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With what to accompany the rice with chicken

With two good servings of this chicken rice We already have a more than complete, satisfying and nutritious meal, which we could complete with a simple light salad. I always bring lemon and thyme to the table so that each guest can season their plate to their liking; and it is that I cannot conceive a good plate of rice without its chorrico lemon just before eating.