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Why Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight

25 mayo, 2021

¿What does the green tea works for? Surely you have already heard that it is ideal for weight loss. But why do you have this property? Today we explain it to you.

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What does the green tea works for

Surely you already know that green tea has several benefits for our body and health that favor it a lot:

This drink helps us fight allergies, increase our vision, reduce cholesterol or even help us lose weight, obviously this benefit makes all women very happy.

In case you did not know, in Chinese medicine green tea is considered a healthy drink that cares for and protects the body, since it has a super antioxidant power thanks to the high concentration of catechins and polyphenols, which are even higher than those of the black tea or oolong tea, according to a study published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

In an analysis published in the scientific journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, Green tea is reported to be an excellent source of minerals.

Among those that stand out are potassium, but it also provides calcium, sodium, fluorine, manganese, iron and others.

In low portions it provides caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system when consumed and, obviously, it is a good source of water.

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Green tea benefits

Green tea: it is a powerful antioxidant that prevents various diseases and premature aging. Improves physical performance, brain function and promotes fat burning. (Photo: Getty Images)

How does green tea help you lose weight?

After reading the great properties it provides and knowing that it is a great drink to prevent diseases, this will also become your great ally to lose weight due to:

  • This natural super antioxidant is able to face premature aging, it also protects us from many diseases thanks to its high level of polyphenols.
  • Among its catechins, epigallocatechin gallate stands out, which, according to French researchers, has a thermogenic effect, that is, it increases caloric expenditure and promotes the oxidation of fats in the body.
  • One of its main benefits is that it helps us to accelerate the metabolism, which allows us to burn fat; the catechins that it has make the body go into thermogenesis, producing energy to eliminate the extra kilos.
  • It also helps you improve the results and changes that physical activity induces in your exercise routine, improving the proportion of abdominal fat and triglycerides in the body.
  • Green tea gently suppresses your appetite, resulting in less food intake and easy filling.
  • Scientists from the Health Care Food Research Laboratories conclude that green tea can improve the lipid profile in the body, reduce waist circumference, body fat and blood pressure, resulting in weight loss.
  • It keeps your blood insulin levels under control, it also prevents fat from going into the cells and at the same time gradually reduces the body fat index.

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What is green tea for: other benefits

  • Do you want to purify your body? Drink green tea, as this helps you eliminate all those toxins that are present in the blood and intestine, purifies saturated fats, those that make you feel swollen or inflamed, eliminating them through the urine.
  • It is an excellent tonic to stimulate and rebuild the pancreas and liver, it also helps this organ with its basic functions and is a good organ protector.

Despite its incredible benefits, green tea is not a miracle product, it will facilitate weight loss, but if it is not complemented with healthy eating and exercise, results will not be reflected.

Green Tea

(Photo: Getty Images)

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How much green tea should we consume?

Like any product that contains caffeine, the consumption of green tea should not be abused to lose weight, so it is only advisable to drink a maximum of three cups a day and without sugar, but if it is difficult for you to take it without some sweet, the best What you can do is add a teaspoon of honey:

  • The first cup should be taken on an empty stomach combined with the juice of half a lemon.
  • The second cup should be taken 20 minutes after the meal, thus promoting digestion, absorbing nutrients and managing to purify fats.
  • The third cup should be taken after dinner, at least an hour and a half before going to sleep, since you must give your body enough time for digestion.

The results of ingesting this drink will probably be delayed, since it will take at least two months to notice the changes. Now you know why green tea helps you lose weight.

Now that you know what green tea is for, discover more tips and information to enjoy your favorite foods in Easy Kitchen