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Why does heavy dining cause nightmares?

24 mayo, 2021

Your grandmother, your mother and even the same experience have told you: eating heavy causes nightmares, situation that does not please anyone.

Nightmares can be of many types, but they all share one characteristic: they are distressing and seem to have no end. But how are these disturbing dreams related to what we eat for dinner? We will explain it to you.

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Late and heavy dining – a bad choice

Dinner time is as important as breakfast and lunch, and we must respect it to avoid affecting our metabolism.

Dining late and in a large way forces the metabolism to remain active during the hours of sleep. This degree of stimulation and additional activity includes the brain, which can lead to atypical dreams, such as illnesses that are accompanied by fever (delusions).

The body has a harder time metabolizing food during rest hours, which causes stress and, therefore, nightmares.

But it’s not just about food: experts believe that drugs and substances they include on brain chemistry can increase the possibility of sleep disorders.

Also excessive alcohol consumption can affect metabolism and cause undesirable nightmares.

foods that make you sleepless

Discover the foods to avoid before bed Photo: Getty Images

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Foods that cause nightmares

It is not only about avoiding heavy, abundant and after-hours dinners, it is also important that you know those foods that you definitely have to avoid having dinner to have a restful sleep.

  • Hot Sauces: Consuming hot spices before bed can lead to heartburn and bloating, causing problems falling asleep and also stressful dreams. The spicy alters the body temperature, which also alters dreams.
  • Cheese and other dairy products: Eating cheese before bed is linked to nightmares. Possibly it is because they are very difficult to digest and overwork the intestine during rest hours.
  • Soda: With large amounts of sugar and caffeine, soda makes the brain stay active and it is difficult for you to relax, causing stress and unwanted dreams.
  • Chocolate: like soda, it contains substances that stimulate the brain and keep it from resting.
  • Red meats: these have saturated fats that cause a greater digestion effort, preventing the body from resting well and presenting stress.

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