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Why do we feel more hungry in cold seasons?

24 mayo, 2021

Autumn has arrived and we feel it in our whole body: it is colder and, curiously, it also gives us a lot of hunger. Today we explain why this phenomenon occurs in our body and the best tips to calm our desire to eat.

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Hunger in autumn: it happens to all of us

It is true that here in Mexico the most festive times begin (from the national holidays, followed by Day of the Dead and Christmas). And it is inevitable not to eat so many delicious things.

But feeling hungry this season goes beyond the craving and traditions we are used to. In fact, you will always feel hungrier in cold places regardless of the season of the year. For what is this?

Feeling hungry, indeed, is related to the cold: the body looks for ways to stay warm, and one way to achieve this is by eating.

This process is known as thermogenesis, which consists of the release of energy during digestion, in such a way that, when eating, not only does the energy reserves increase, but the body increases its production of heat.

According to various studies, between half and an hour after eating, the body temperature rises up to 10% compared to what it was before eating.

Not only that: hot food or sweet foods like chocolate can generate a response in the body that makes a person feel happier and more satisfied.

Healthy eating in autumn

We give you the best tips to have a healthy diet in autumn. Take note! (Photo: Getty Images)

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Tips to avoid overeating during the fall and winter

  • Do not eat high-calorie foods or sugary drinks: these cause very little satiety and it is very likely that you want more servings than necessary.
  • Eat nuts: these are seasonal and ideal to help you feel full. Include them in autumn salads, as drinks or also as a snack.
  • Avoid alcohol: it boosts calories and makes you gain weight more easily. It is true that it makes you warm, but you better have a tesito or a hot drink with any wine or liquor.
  • Sleep well: autumn and winter are ideal seasons for the body to rest and rest. Have a healthy routine to achieve a good night’s sleep. You will see that the uncontrollable hunger will disappear!
  • Exercise: Nothing beats a great balance than daily exercise. These will also help you warm up.

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