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White chocolate tablet with colored cereal

27 mayo, 2021

Happy Children’s Day! Surprise the smallest of the family with this delicious white chocolate bar with colored cereal. It’s fun, delicious, and great for dessert!

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White chocolate bar with cereal recipe step by step

  • Preparation time: 2 hours
  • Servings: 4

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What is white chocolate?

It is a food that is made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. Its appearance is yellow or pale ivory.

Despite its high cocoa butter content and its preparation is the same as that of dark chocolate, some consider that it is not real chocolate, because it does not contain cocoa solids, nor its shaft and liquor.

Another reason why it is not considered chocolate is because of its low content in theobromine, a substance that gives chocolate healthy properties.

On the other hand, it does contain the traces of caffeine that cocoa has. That is why it is recommended that its consumption be moderate.

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