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Wheat semolina

22 mayo, 2021

The wheat semolina It is a basic ingredient of traditional food, made from the grinding of refined durum wheat. In fact, we could say that it is a very coarse refined flour, in which pieces of durum wheat are preserved. Although it is falling into disuse due to the new fashions in food, many traditional dishes are made with it, such as semolina crumbs, which our partner María offers us, or oriental couscous, in addition to being the basis of the industrial elaboration of the dry pasta from Italian cuisine.

There are many semolina, also oatmeal, rice, corn. The coarse flour obtained from the grinding of dried legumes, such as chickpea, lentil or pea semolina is also called semolina.

The nutritional qualities of the wheat semolina are undoubted. Rich in carbohydrates, provide immediately available energy, which accumulates less in the body than fat. In addition, endosperm and wheat germ have a high content of protein, although they lack certain amino acids so they must be associated with legumes or meats so that the diet is balanced, as is usually done in a traditional way.

It has been a staple food for generations, perhaps one of the oldest foods that man has eaten, ever since he went from being a gatherer to growing the first species of cereals. Used to make soups and porridges, with a simple cooking with broth, water or milk. But it is also the ingredient in one of the most consumed foods in the world, the durum wheat pasta.

In the oriental cuisineAs we have already mentioned, it is also used as the main ingredient in couscous, and in other dishes, such as the Maghreb version of tabuleh, a salad with semolina. In Andalusia and other areas of Spain they are used to make crumbs and porridge, whether sweet or salty. But we can also use it to coat genres, such as fish, which will later acquire a crunchy texture when fried.

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