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What Mexican dish are you according to your tastes?

29 mayo, 2021

As good Mexicans, we are loyal lovers and connoisseurs of the food originating in our country, there is a great variety of foods and Mexican dish that we could never choose just one, but have you felt identified with any?

If you have never felt that deep connection with a Mexican dish, you must ask yourself if you really belong to this beautiful country, because food is something that identifies us, and a lot!

We invite you to make an analysis of your tastes, so that once and for all you discover with which Mexican dish you identify yourself and discover your personality if you were food. Do you dare to find out?

The truth is that we had a lot of fun with this test and we hope that you will do it too, share with us your result of what Mexican dish you are and share it with your friends as well.

Are you ready for the fun to begin?