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What meat to choose for a barbecue?

24 mayo, 2021

Generally, the best pieces for roasting meat are those of higher categories, that is, the large pieces that have clean and juicy meat. These pieces are very well suited to simple cooking methods, regardless of whether they are pork, beef or lamb.

If we use pork, the most suitable pieces are the sirloin, the shoulder, the ribs and the loin tape. Although there is also the suckling pig, which we can prepare whole.

If we opt for beef, the ideal ones are the sirloin and the high loin, both pieces are great for roasting although we can also bake the hip or the ribs.

With the lamb, the shoulders, legs and carre (cutlets joined and without boning), are the most appropriate and tastiest pieces. If we choose a meat from a baby lamb or goat, the piece to be roasted is usually ½ or ¼ of the animal.

When we think what meat to choose for a barbecueWe can choose any of the types mentioned, since they all have a great flavor and are the most suitable. Have you decided any to prepare for the weekend?

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