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what it consists of, the foods allowed and recipes that adapt to it

24 mayo, 2021

When it comes to losing weight, there are many strategies that we can put into practice, with diet being key to seeing results. Thus, among the most famous diets are those reduced in carbohydrates such as the keto diet or the paleo diet. We tell you about this last option what it consists of, the foods allowed and recipes that adapt to it.

What the paleo diet is all about: allowed foods

A paleo diet or paleodiet is called a diet that try to imitate the diet that our ancestors had, in the Paleolithic when hunting and food gathering predominated.

Of course, it is a diet no processing of any kind and as we have said, reduced in hydrates since in it protein foods predominate such as meat, fish, eggs, and shellfish.

The fruits, vegetables and greens are all admitted and this is a big difference from the keto diet, but legumes and cereals are not allowed of any kind.

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Thus, the main sources of hydrates are tubers, fruits, roots and other vegetables.

The fats in the paleo diet are obtained from extra virgin olive oil, avocado, grated coconut, olives and to a lesser extent from nuts and seeds.

In addition to oil, grated coconut, and olives, other minimally processed ingredients such as herbs and spices are acceptable.


It is a diet rich in protein and reduced in carbohydrates, but it does not induce ketosis. It also offers high-quality nutrients for the body, allowing us, among other things, to lose weight.

What science says about the paleo diet

Because it takes us away from the ultra-processed and the unhealthy nutrients they contain, American scientists concluded that the paleo or paleodiet diet is a highly recommended option and with benefits on lipids and blood glucose control, which is why positive for those with type 2 diabetes.

A study carried out with healthy adults yielded similar results, finding that in addition, the paleo diet reduces blood pressure levels, something very beneficial for cardiovascular health.

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On the other hand, an investigation from the International Journal of Exercise Science has observed improvements in body composition, that is, weight and body fat reduction. However, an increase in blood lipids has been observed that could harm health.

All this leads us to think that if we want to benefit health beyond losing weight, the paleo diet (like all) requires proper planning and the correct choice of foods to eatLean protein sources, quality fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables are a priority each day.


21 recipes to incorporate into the paleo diet

If you want to put the Paleo Diet into practice and thus enjoy its benefits, these are some recipes that we recommend to put into practice:

Dishes with meat and fish or seafood


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Egg preparations

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Recipes with various fruits and vegetables

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