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What is the relationship between food and sex: you will be surprised

24 mayo, 2021

Much is said about relationship between food and sexIt is said that there are foods that can sexually stimulate both men and women to give them a better experience in bed. Some will say that this is a lie, however we have decided to explain to you what are the most common myths on this topic.

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Relationship between food and sex: food is an expression of affection

For millions of years, our ancestors began to relate food as a new way of showing love and affection for someone else. How? Since they began to practice hunting to collect food, one of the first displays of affection was to share with the other what they had taken so long to achieve. Later came agriculture where the first festivities around the harvest are born, which allowed people to unite more.

Without a doubt our brain began to relate these significant and special events to people. And there is no date or season in the year that can be enjoyed without great company and a delicious dish. Therefore, in our brains, food is always directly related to love and the feeling of well-being.

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Myths between sex and food

Myth 1: Chocolate

For years it has been said that chocolate is an aphrodisiac food. This delicious treat contains a stimulating chemical, phenylethylamine or “love drug”, which releases serotonin in the brain and creates the perception of euphoria. The sensations of pleasure and well-being that phenylethylamine produces predispose us for satisfactory sexual relations.

Baked chocolate donuts

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Myth 2: Spices of eroticism

Ginger and ginseng are considered aphrodisiacs because they increase circulation in the organs involved in sexual intercourse. Ginseng increases libido, while cinnamon and nutmeg stimulate sexual sensations.


Myth 3: Other foods

There are foods that increase phenylethylamine in the brain such as apples, avocados, tomatoes, almonds, and cheddar cheese! On the other hand, the aroma of almonds is supposed to increase libido in women, in addition to improving the health of the heart system.

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Myth 4: Aphrodisiacs?

There are foods that seem “sexy” to us because they provoke erotic thoughts; however, there is no scientific study on its effects. The good news is that they have vitamins, minerals and steroids that help the function of the sexual organs.

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The best way to know if these foods really serve as aphrodisiacs is to put them to the test with your partner. You dare? Tell us if you know of any other food that helps to have pleasant experiences.

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