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What is Thai food and how is it prepared?

25 mayo, 2021

The Thai food It has become very popular, thanks to the appeal of its exotic ingredients with unique flavors. And we have good news for you: thai style you can also have it in your kitchen.

But first of all, we want to tell you why Thai food is so special and why every day it has become more popular in Mexico and around the world. Take note!

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Characteristics of Thai food

Its flavors

The Thai style bases its cuisine on the combination of 5 flavors: salty, bitter, sour, spicy and sweet, and achieves a perfect harmony, very difficult to find in other international foods.

In addition, Thai includes herbs in the preparation process to give its dishes a fresh touch.

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Rice can not be missing

This is its basic ingredient, as it goes in all dishes. And it is not at all strange: Thailand is the first rice exporter in the world.

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Chopsticks? What’s that?

Westerners believe that all Orientals use chopsticks at mealtime, but Thais are the exception to the rule. Believe it or not, they use a spoon and fork, except with one difference: the fork is only for chopping the bites, and it is not put in the mouth.

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Coconut milk: the secret ingredient

An essential ingredient to bind your stews is coconut milk, and it cannot be missing in the kitchen for any reason. For example, they have a very famous soup called Tom kha gai, which literally means “chicken soup with coconut milk”.

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Pad thai

These are stir fry noodles, and one of their national dishes. If you want to know them, find the recipe below.

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Thai food: quintessential street food

Thai has a very interesting characteristic: it is eaten and cooked on the street, so street stalls are the way in which this style is consumed.

In Thailand you can find from street stalls, carts and the famous floating cars that will offer you their exotic food.

This does not mean that you cannot have delicious Thai food at home. We bring you this unique style with 5 delicious recipes for you to prepare.


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