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What is tarragon

22 mayo, 2021

The tarragon it is a lively plant with fine, branchy and striated stems. It reaches a height of 1 meter. Its leaves are arranged alternately, they are lanceolate and dark green on the upper side and whitish on the lower side. The flowers are arranged in axillary spikes and are greenish-yellow in color.

It is native to Central Asia. Its name through Arabic, is derived from Greek dracontionserpetary“(bird that feeds on snakes), because it was once famous for its healing properties against poisonous animal bites.

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Thanks to its active principles of its essential oil, cimeno, methircarvicol hermiarina, hydroxycoumarin and phelandrene, it is a good appetite stimulant, activates digestive functions and is applied to improve intestinal disorders.

It gives off a characteristic odor, which is why it is used as aromatic plant. Its leaves have been used in kitchens since the 16th century, using fresh to perfume salads, dishes with jelly and sauces (gribiche, green sauce, tartar, Vincent, béarnaise) and a type of compound butter; cooked They enter preparations of chicken, eel, eggs and cooked salads.

It is also used to flavor mustard and vinegar. In puree or cream, it is used to fill or garnish bouchées, trays, canapés, artichoke bottoms or mushrooms.

It can be kept frozen, dry and boiled.

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