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What is sourdough and how can I prepare it?

24 mayo, 2021

In the world there are thousands of breads and bakeries that work with different techniques. One of them, and highly appreciated for the quality it gives to the final product, is the sourdough.

Didn’t you know her? Today we explain what it is and why it gives bread such a special flavor and consistency.

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What is sourdough?

It is a ferment made up of flour and water, which does not contain any type of added yeast, but it is the flour, with its own yeast and bacteria compounds, that causes the dough to ferment spontaneously.

When making sourdough bread, a longer than normal fermentation is required (approximately 24 hours), in which the flour’s own nutrients are processed. In this way, it gives it a unique and more delicious flavor than conventional bread.

And that’s not all: bread also acquires different organoleptic properties, which makes it healthier, as it is a product with different acidity.

You should know that industrial bread is usually prepared by means of chemical yeasts, so that the fermentation process takes between 1 or 2 hours. The process is much faster, of course, but the quality of the bread, both in terms of flavor and nutrients, is lower.

How to make sourdough

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How to distinguish one bread from another?

According to experts, it is very easy to distinguish a bread that was made with chemical dough from one with sourdough: those with yeast are larger in size, they swell a lot, therefore, they are fluffier and much lighter.

This is because, as the fermentation is faster, they “dry” faster. For this reason, the bread becomes stale faster and they retain their consistency for only one day, at the most,

In contrast, breads made with sourdough retain their consistency for 4-5 days, are smaller in size and are also heavier.

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How to prepare sourdough?

The process is quite simple, since you only need flour, water and a warm place to let it rest (between 24 and 28 ° C).


  1. Mix 100 ml of water with 100 g of flour until it forms a homogeneous consistency. Let it rest for 24 hours to generate the yeast and bacteria that will grow during that time.
  2. The next day, take half of the dough and add another 100 ml of water with another 100 g of flour, mix and let it rest again.
  3. Repeat this procedure for 6 consecutive days. By then, you will be ready to create your own breads.

Eye: it is important that you “feed” it weekly with flour and water as in the creation process so that it does not spoil and can last a lifetime.

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