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What is Signature Cuisine? All you have to know about the subject

24 mayo, 2021

Have you ever heard the term “signature cuisine”. Perhaps the information sounds a bit distant to us and that is why we would like to share with you what it is and everything you need to know about this topic. You’ll be surprised!

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Signature cuisine: what do you mean?

This is the term to describe the creations of a chef without these coming from a specific country or that they do not belong to a fixed culinary technique. Rather, they are based on the experience of the chef, who has the freedom to express his own style through a personal proposal.

This leads to the use of different culinary techniques that result in dishes with a personal stamp. These are usually offered in tasting menus to make themselves known.

In signature cuisine, new products, techniques and utensils are used that seek to innovate the culinary art when preparing a proposal.

gourmet pizza

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  • Traditional bases and methods can be used, as long as the new dish proposal is innovative.
  • The creativity of the chef is a basis of the Author’s Cuisine, to use different ingredients, combine flavors and prepare them in a different way. It is also a game of volumes and textures!
  • The preparations have a strong conceptualization: everything that is served is for some reason and nothing is random.
  • The assembly is also key, since the diner must be encouraged to taste the dish by means of colors, shapes, textures and flavors.
  • In Signature Cuisine, the chef usually owns the restaurant where his creations are served, which is usually exclusive (with a maximum capacity of 50 people).

Now that you know what Signature Cuisine is, why not try and try to make your own personal proposal and invent a dish?

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