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What is parsley

25 mayo, 2021

I ate parsley, I ate parsley, when will I perform?, in addition to a fun tongue twister, we know that parsley it is also a popular aromatic plant native to southern Europe. Its stems and roots are used from it, and it is used above all as a condiment.

Until the time of Charlemagne, it was believed that parsley had magical powers. Nowadays it is known that it has diuretic properties, it is a regulator of hypertension and it is an emmenagogue, it is also recommended as a bleaching agent for spots and freckles on the skin caused by the sun.

Varieties of parsley

There are two varieties, one of them is grown for its leaves and the other for its root.

Leaf parsley: It is used exclusively as a condiment. Within this variety we find parsley common, of flat leaf, little trimmed and very perfumed; parsley curly, very green, less tasty and almost always used to decorate dishes.

Bulbous parsley: Its root can be elongated or rounded, it is cooked like celery and is used in soups. It is consumed in Eastern Europe especially in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Russia.

We find other types of plants that are also called “parsley“, although in reality they are not, parsley black, a wild plant that is used as the celery-branch; Arabian parsley, also known as Chinese parsley or as cilantro; Swedish parsley or Russian parsley better known as dill.

What is parsley

Parsley in gastronomy

  • Fresh parsley is one more ingredient of the bouquet garni or atadillos, for broths and marinades.
  • Chopped with garlic, it becomes a parsley, used to make sauteed or sauteed.
  • Cut with scissors or crushed, serves to sprinkle the dishes about to be served.
  • Fried It is used as a garnish for fried items.
  • Chopped, it goes into the mixed butter, the sauce, especially the ravigote, the green, the Italian, the maître d’hôtel and the poulette, as well as in vinaigrettes.
  • In bunches, it can be blanched and added at the end of cooking, or it is fried and incorporated into preparations that contain hazelnut butter.

In the old kitchen, meats are “they wore“with parsley, introducing the plant into the meat. Molière in” The bourgeois gentleman “, talks about”a rack of mutton totally stuffed with parsley“.

In the popular saying

If you want to have parsley all year round, sow it in May

Fleeing from parsley, it grew on his forehead

The rabbit and the partridge have the same parsley

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