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What is longaniza and what is its difference from chorizo?

24 mayo, 2021

We have all tried the sausage in some stew accompanied by potatoes, or also in some delicious taquitos. But hardly anyone knows what this food is made of and how it is prepared.

Here we tell you what the sausage is, what it contains and what are its main differences with the chorizo, so that you do not get confused when buying them.

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What is the longaniza?

It is a long and narrow sausage, originally from Spain, which is filled with a mixture of minced pork and seasoned with spices.

Depending on the place where it is made, the gut (intestine) can be replaced by a synthetic envelope.

Although it is generally consumed cooked, it can also be eaten raw, as long as it has been allowed to cure (air dry for several months). If not, it should be fried if it is fresh and fresh.

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Differences with chorizo

It is very easy to confuse longaniza with chorizo, but they have subtle differences:

  • The meat: to make the chorizo, ground pork is used, while the longaniza is prepared with a mixture of pieces of different parts of the pork.
  • Its presentation: both are sold in elongated pieces but the chorizo ​​comes thicker. This, in addition, is presented in smaller portions, while the sausage is presented in a larger size.
  • Color: the chorizo ​​has a more reddish color and the sausage is more maroon. This is due to the spices with which they are prepared. The color of the chorizo, for example, is due to the paprika.
  • Despite being different sausages in these aspects, they can be prepared in the same way and the same dishes can also be made. And you, which one do you prefer?

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