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What is gofio and how to use it in the kitchen

24 mayo, 2021

If you have been to the Canary Islands, you have undoubtedly tried several recipes in which this food intervenes. For those of you who have not been or do not know this ingredient, today we tell you what is gofio and how to use it in the kitchen since it is a product with many nutritional properties that can be interesting to incorporate into our diet.

With the name of Gofio, a variety of artisanal toasted corn flour or corn flour, which is consumed in our country mainly in the Canary Islands, although there are also similar products that are taken in a similar way in some Latin American countries.

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Nutritional values ​​of gofio

What is Gofio

From a nutritional point of view, gofio is a food with very interesting properties. In its composition, it has a high content of vitamins of group B, specifically B1, B2 and B3, in addition to other vitamins such as C and D.

In addition to vitamins, it is quite rich in minerals, especially phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, zinc and potassium, whose amounts obviously vary depending on the types of cereals you include.

Moreover, it is a product rich in unsaturated fats, specifically it has a lot Omega 6 and with a relatively low caloric content, which is just over 350 kcal per 100 g of product. Its fiber content makes it a food with a satiating effect.

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How the gofio is made

gofio mill Preparation of gofio in a stone mill (Photo Wikipedia)

It seems that this food has a berber origin, since it is a traditional food very similar to the flours used by the peoples of North Africa to complete their diet. It is a very nutritious, cheap and satisfying food, so its consumption has spread from there to the Canaries and from there, to many Latin countries.

To make this flour, the cereals are roasted and ground on the stone. Today, most of the gofio that is used is usually corn, (gofio de millo) but it can also be made with other cereals such as wheat, rye or also with quinoa and other cereals.

Typically, the ingredients are roasted and allowed to cool. That’s when i know It proceeds to grind the roasted grains and they are refined by sieving them to obtain a very fine flour, almost a powder, so fine that it can dissolve perfectly in liquids such as milk or broth.

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Uses of gofio in the kitchen

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Gofio can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Since ancient times, drinks were prepared with this product dissolved in hot water and well mixed until prepare a kind of smoothie.

Today its use is more common dissolving it in milk as if it were cocoa to mix it with nuts so that they are wrapped by this product when cooked in different traditional Canarian recipes.

Perhaps the best known is the blanched gofio, a recipe consisting of diluting the gofio in a broth mixing quickly so that it thickens without making lumps. Here you can learn how to prepare it easily. This recipe can be made with fish broth -the most common way- or with other broths such as watercress, ribs cooking, potatoes or even stew broth.

The watercress broth with gofio It is another classic Canarian dish consisting of a vegetable broth, fattened with gofio, which is used as a thickener and as a food supplement in this recipe. It is also used in other stews such as stew or sancocho.

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It is also a common part of sweet recipes, being a very rich dish that of the banana with gofio or ice creams made with this ingredient. Finally, it can also be used as a flour to make cookies or cakes with a more intense flavor.