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What is gizzard

22 mayo, 2021

The gizzard it is one of those parts of animals, which we usually consider offal and that they are hardly cooked anymore, we could even say that they are almost forgotten. When I was a child, I ate them from time to time, my mother cooked them and told us that they had a lot of phosphorus. If I remember, surely it has been more than thirty years that I have not tried them.

I’m sure that if I ask my butcher, who is under twenty-five years old, a pound of sweetbreads, she won’t even know what they are. Of course, for me to be able to cook them, I would first have to see how to clean and prepare them.

Bird gizzards

It is the last pouch in the stomach of a bird, consisting of a thick muscle, very robust especially in granivores. It is used to grind and soften food by means of mechanical pressure. They are considered viscera having a very economical price.

It is usually cooked at the same time as the bird, although they can also be prepared separately, roasted, poached, sautéed. It can be chopped to be part of a farce, especially if it is about duck or goose gizzard, or in a ragout of offal.

When a chicken is emptied for roasting, the gizzard is split open in two to extract the pebbles, as well as the thick envelope that contains them.

If someone wonders why the “pebbles“We can say that birds, lacking teeth, swallow stones or sand to aid digestion, this being their way of“ chewing ”.

Lamb sweetbreads

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It’s also called gizzard to a white offal of veal or lamb, formed by a gland, the thymus, located in the chest, in front of the windpipe. In adult animals it disappears. The gizzard It is made up of an elongated part, the throat (inedible), and a round and very tasty part: the walnut.

The veal and lamb sweetbreads They are usually prepared in the same way as poultry, but veal are more appreciated. It is also involved in garnishes and ragús for timpani and volcanoes.

Once soaked, cooled and cooled, they are fried, braised, roasted, poached or prepared in gratin, on skewers, in sauce, etc. Here is a good recipe for lamb sweetbreads with Pedro Ximénez sauce

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