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What is caviar and the reasons why it is so expensive

25 mayo, 2021

The caviar It is one of the most famous gourmet foods in the world. We tell you everything you need to know about this cost and exclusive delicacy.

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Surely you have heard and seen it, it is one of the most exotic products, but very few people know its origin.

Caviar is basically the eggs or roe of salt-cured fish, specifically of the species known as beluga sturgeon, a fish that is only found in the seas near Russia and the Middle East. It is characterized by having a salty taste and a slightly slimy consistency.

It is said that the first to consume it were the Persians because they believed that it gave them strength and physical resistance for their battles.

Later the Russians during the Middle Ages considered it as a product of the lower classes since they used it as a substitute for meat. Later it is said that the Petrossian brothers were the ones who began to produce and commercialize caviar in the rest of the countries of Europe as a food of the upper class and since then it is considered a product of status.

types of caviar

A cheaper option is the roe that is obtained from fish such as salmon, trout or cod and its flavor is usually very similar to sturgeon caviar.

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  • To obtain the roe, the female takes 8 to 20 years to become sexually mature.
  • It can only be obtained from the sturgeon species.
  • The egg cup is obtained manually, the most popular technique consists of injecting a hormone that causes the females to release the eggs without having to kill them.
  • Overfishing has caused a shortage of the species.
  • For many years the fish were killed to remove the eggs, so now the sturgeon is one of the endangered species.
  • Sturgeon farms require a lot of maintenance for production.
  • Its production is highly regulated.
  • The fish is mainly found in the Caspian Sea so import costs are very high.

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  1. Short-nosed Beluga: Can live up to 100 years
  2. Long snout oscentra: It can reach 300 kilos and measure 2 meters
  3. Sevugra: It measures around a meter and a half long and can weigh up to 70 kilos

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