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What is a chicken stock, how to prepare it and in which recipes to use it

25 mayo, 2021

We never tire of insisting on how important funds are in the kitchen and how much the success of our dishes depends on them. Among other factors, a good background, with flavor and body, can Make a Difference between a mediocre dish and an outstanding one.

A kitchen background It is the liquid that is achieved by cooking meat, bones, bones, vegetables, herbs and condiments in plenty of water (and other possible liquids). Once all the flavor is extracted, the “chunks” are discarded and the resulting liquid is reduced by long slow cooking.

What are funds, how are they made and what uses can we give them in our kitchens?

The funds are divided into light background or white and dark background. Likewise, depending on the main ingredient that we use in its preparation, the fund receives one name or another: lamb, beef, chicken, vegetable, etc.

The chicken broth It belongs to the family of white or light backgrounds, which differ from dark ones in that the ingredients are covered with water and simmered for a long time without being previously toasted, either in the oven or on the fire.

Istock 483061154 The ingredients are cooked raw and starting from cold water

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How is the bottom different from the broth?

Broths should not be confused with funds. The production process is very similar, but funds are used as an ingredient of some other preparation, they are not consumed alone. Among other factors, they are prepared without salt so that they can be used freely and then can be seasoned to taste the dish in question.

The flavor of a base is more pronounced than that of a broth, the result of the number of hours of cooking it requires and which concentrates the flavors of all its ingredients to the maximum. The funds are the starting point of the preparation of soups, among other preparations, if they are lightened with water.

How do you prepare a chicken stock?

The tools that we will need to prepare a liter of chicken stock They are a large-capacity saucepan or a kettle (tall and narrow pot), a skimmer or skimmer, a good onion knife and a board to cut the vegetables and a fine mesh strainer and / or a cheesecloth (cotton cloth) to strain the final broth.

Istock 1214442028 Carrot, leek and onion are classic vegetables in the preparation of chicken stock
  • Ingredients for a liter of chicken stock: 1 kg of chicken carcasses, 5 l of water, 1 sprig of green celery, 1 leek, 1/2 small onion, 3 carrots, a few peppercorns, a bay leaf, thyme or basil or rosemary and parsley.

  • Elaboration: We blanch the chicken carcasses by putting them in a pot with cold water and heating slowly until reaching a boil. At that time we remove them and wash again. With this we remove impurities and seal the surface proteins; what is achieved is not to cloud the water so much when cooking them afterwards. We introduce the carcasses, the vegetables (peeled and chopped) and the spices in a pot and cover with the water. We boil over low heat for an hour. We remove the foam that forms on the surface as many times as necessary. We strain the broth, better if we place a cloth or cheesecloth over the strainer so that it is very clean, and let it cool before storing in the refrigerator for a minimum of eight hours. The fat solidifies on the surface and is very easy to remove once the broth is very cold. To condense the flavor of the broth and turn it into a background, we simmer it again for a couple of hours or until it has reduced to a liter.

In what recipes can we use a chicken stock?

Singing chicken Singing chicken or Pantoja

Once we have our chicken stock ready, with a lot of flavor and body, we can freeze it in ice trays to use in small quantities as needed. It can also be used in the moment. With it we can cook stews, soups, creams, rice, sauces, croquettes and much more. Here are our recommendations.

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