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What i cook today

25 mayo, 2021

I’ve been with very low inspiration for a few days and at lunchtime I can only wonder – What am I cooking today? – although in reality, it’s not so much that I can’t think of new things to cook, but rather that I don’t feel like cooking or eating anything. For this reason I have been constantly consulting both my books and cooking magazines, as well as surfing the net, for a few days. tried to find the lost inspirationAlthough my daughter says that with my eagerness to order everything, it is most likely that it has been stored somewhere and that now I don’t remember where.

Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe I’m not the only one What is happening to or has this happened and I am very curious to know what do people cook when he can’t think of what to cook. So I got down to work and started doing a little research through google, asked by email, twitter and facebook. The truth is that I have not been able to do any type of statistics, it was not the intention, it does not even help me to reach any real conclusion.

At first, I was convinced that the dish “Help”Of most of the people it was pasta, perhaps because mine is precisely that, a plate of boiled pasta, dressed with a splash of olive oil, a pinch of pepper, a pinch of cayenne and a handful of grated cheese , but I have received responses of the most varied, getting me out of my mistake.

So I took advantage of this research to take a look at DaP and look for different recipes, of some of the dishes that have emerged in the mini survey. Of course, I hope they inspire all those who are in the same moment as me. Of course, taking into account the little desire to cook, I have looked for quick, simple, tasty and appetizing recipes.

What i cook today

For those who opt for the pasta, of course I have found a few:

For those who do not even want to light the fire and a salad It is your lifeline I have found a few:

As expected I have also received responses from lovers of the egg:

They even have a place in this small compilation, a few recipes for all those who even in these moments of low inspiration are capable of cook more sophisticated things:

Of all the responses that I have received to my question, what has really seemed most revealing and interesting to me has been the tagline with which most of the responses from my friends and acquaintances came, almost all of them said “I cook whatever I have in the fridge“. This raises another couple of very interesting issues and one of them is ¿what do we usually always have in the fridge?

Photo | Damn the hour
Directly to the Palate | In your fridge, a photographic series by Stéphanie de Rougé