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What happened to that grocery store?

25 mayo, 2021

It must have happened to you in your neighborhood. A traditional business or grocery store has suddenly closed or been replaced by another establishment. When you see it you wonder, When did the grocery store next door close?

You may not have stopped to think it over, but that is not the right question to ask ourselves. We don’t have to wonder why they closed it, but rather why when was the last time we shopped at that store that we now see closed.

In a way the real responsible for the closure of the traditional trade are usWe, the consumers themselves, who have abandoned these stores to their fate and have replaced them with others in our shopping habits.


Grocery stores and other traditional businesses

Those shops received many names: grocery stores, butter shops, groceries, little shops, or supplies. If you remember them, in them everything was sold, especially cans of preserves, legumes and cookies in bulk and anything that might be needed.

Have you thought how long ago you haven’t seen dairies, butchers or fishmongers in front door shops? They no longer open new stores of this style, and sadly, many of those that exist, are closing, or endure until the retirement of their owners, without there being a succession in the business.

It makes me very angry when I see that neighborhood stores and businesses close, those that opened at all hours, in which They knew us and where they recommended us to buy a product and in which even, we “they trusted”If we did not have money to pay at the moment.

These stores are the ones that give life to the neighborhoods, they are even the ones that they revalue the houses because we all love the areas of the city where everything is at hand, where you can do your shopping while taking a walk.

However, – and that’s why I was saying that in a way we are responsible for closing down traditional grocery stores – we all we have stopped going to the butcher shop, to the fish shop, and even to the food markets to replace those traditional shops with visits to large supermarkets and hypermarkets.

stores closed

It is not that there is much choice, it is true since the new work hours, distances and time do not exceed anyone and many times we only have to go shopping on weekend or late at night When nothing else is open

Why buy in small shops?

If we want to have neighborhood stores, we have to buy in them or we will be condemning them to close. Regardless of the legal reforms or institutional support to support the small merchant, I think that buying in these neighborhood stores from time to time should be almost morally obligatory for the neighbors.

We should do it out of solidarity, because we have to help in some way the small businesses that endure like the Gallic town of Asterix in front of the big neighborhood supermarket chains, department stores and hypermarkets.

crowded interior

And also in our own interest, because if we buy in them, they will stay, they will make a neighborhood, they will make a city, and they will revalue our homes, they will make our lives more comfortable and they will save us trips.

And maybe one day, it will even be good for us to be known, in case we need to order a product that is difficult to find, or help us choose between similar products with the advice that only the specialist salesperson can give.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these shops in your area, do not stop buying in it, and you will be doing your bit to preserve one of the treasures of life in the city, the neighborhood stores so that you never you have to ask yourself, When did the grocery store next door close?

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