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What fruits and vegetables can you grow in a home greenhouse

25 mayo, 2021

Every day it is more popular to grow our own vegetables at home. Have you already thought about doing it in your home greenhouse? Today we tell you which are the best fruits and vegetables to grow in it. It’s fun, organic, and you’ll eat healthier!

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Advantages of having a home greenhouse

Home greenhouse

Homemade greenhouses (Photo: Getty Images)

  • You can grow vegetables that are in or out of season.
  • It is ideal for taking advantage of natural resources, such as the sun.
  • You control the irrigation, the temperature, the soil and even the light.
  • You get organic products free of chemicals like pesticides.
  • In addition, the greenhouse protects your crops from pests and insects.
  • Your economy will benefit from obtaining your own products.

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Fruits and vegetables you can grow

March is the ideal season to grow these fruits in a greenhouse. Make it your project for this month. You will not regret!


strawberry benefits tropical healthy fruits

(Photo: Getty Images)

The warm weather in March helps make strawberries a great harvest.

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Tomato for your greenhouse

Tomato benefits

(Photo: Getty Images)

This is one of the easiest to obtain. We suggest you grow it from seed.

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Types of lettuce

(Photo: Getty Images)

No matter what type of lettuce you prefer, it is ideal to grow in your home greenhouse.

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Melon: one of the best to grow in your greenhouse

Melon benefits and recipes

(Photo: Getty Images)

Being a fruit that needs a warm climate, it is perfect to grow in a home greenhouse. You can sow it as a seed or as a sprout.

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sliced ​​cucumbers

(Photo: Getty Images)

They are ideal for the greenhouse, as they grow fast and without many complications.

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