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What foods stain teeth?

26 mayo, 2021

Something we definitely don’t like is that our teeth get stained and also start to turn yellow.

There are many factors why they stain: smoking, inefficient dental cleaning and so are some foods that we consume regularly.

Do you know which ones they are? Here we share them so you can avoid them and know what to do to make your smile look brighter.

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Foods that stain teeth

Energy drinks

energy drinks

Be careful: these drinks can stain your teeth. (Photo: Getty Images)

These contain acids that are capable of corroding enamel and producing stains.

In addition, many are made with pigments that are counterproductive for the teeth.

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Carrot, celery and apple stain teeth

Carrot benefits

(Photo: Getty Images)

It is true, they are very healthy, but they can also stain the teeth. Being crunchy, they increase the production of saliva, which acts as a natural cleansing agent, reducing the acidity of the mouth.

Acid weakens enamel and makes it more prone to staining. But not everything is bad! These foods also fight bacteria that cause bad breath and also help remove tartar.

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Red fruit smoothies

We love them, but they stain our teeth.

These have a high pigmentation that makes it difficult to maintain white teeth. It is best to eat them with water to prevent their color from remaining on the teeth for a long time.

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Soda: enemy of your teeth

uses of soda

(Photo: Getty Images)

They are drinks that contain dyes and acidic substances that soften the enamel, which, when in contact with the rubbing of the brush, weakens it and is more prone to staining the teeth.

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Dark colored sauces

(Photo: Getty Images)

Those made with tomato or with spices such as soy or curry can stain your teeth.

If you can’t with the craving, it is best to rinse your mouth after trying them.

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Dairy products

(Photo: Getty Images)

These can help remove tartar and are healthy for your health. However, they also neutralize excess acidity, which deteriorates enamel and makes teeth more susceptible to stains and color changes.

Avoid hard cheeses, these are the most prone to tooth stains.

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Coffee, tea and wine

Test: what coffee drink are you?

Your favorite drinks can also stain your teeth. (Photo: Getty Images)

They are the favorites of many, although not of your teeth, since they have substances that corrode and pigment the enamel.

It is best to rinse your mouth with water after taking them and then wash your teeth as usual.

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