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What do the rich eat?

25 mayo, 2021

You will agree with me that money does not bring happiness, but, as a friend of mine says, it helps make life easier. Among all the privileges that money brings, we are going to focus on gastronomy What do the rich eat? What are the foods that most mortals do not have access to and they do?

Being rich does not mean having a good palate either, having “cash” to get to certain products therefore does not guarantee being able to appreciate them. What a pity, don’t you think? But even if it is only to put on our long teeth, we are going to review what are the most snobbish products that can be found on the market and that are only available to a few.


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Wagyu meat

This meat comes from a bovine breed originating from the Japanese city of Kobe. These animals have a high genetic tendency to marbling, which is the amount of streaky fat that meat usually has. The higher your level of fat the higher quality the meat will be, the better it will taste and it will be juicier.

The wagyu is subjected to a diet that includes beer and sakeFurthermore, to give the meat a better texture, it is also necessary to massage the animal. There is a North American variety of wagyu that is 50% cheaper than Japanese meat, which can cost around four hundred euros for two hundred grams.

White truffle

Exclusive for their unique aroma and flavor, they are highly appreciated in European cuisine. They occur in the Italian Piedmont area and their price ranges between 2,500 and 5,000 euros per kg. They grow underground in the wild, at the base of an oak tree and some farmers use hunting dogs to detect them.

They are attributed aphrodisiac properties. Its flavor can be somewhat spicy, due to the excessive components it has. Its season is very short and the way to consume it is by grating on a plate of eggs, potatoes or rice, some super thin slices and letting its hyperintense aroma accompany the dish.


Caviar Souls

In Russian, souls means diamond, which can already give us an idea of ​​the price of this delicatessen, similar to these gemstones. The origin of this caviar is in an extremely rare type of sturgeon, the albino Beluga sturgeon of the Caspian Sea, specifically in the area of ​​Iran, and its roe is distinguished by having a surprisingly light color.

They say that the taste of Almas caviar is very smooth, elegant and aromatic. Even its packaging is amazing, well sold in 24 karat gold cans. It can be purchased in London and its price is between fifteen thousand and twenty-four thousand euros per kilo.

Matsutake mushrooms

Of Japanese origin, these mushrooms grow at the foot of pines and feed on forest floor materials and falling leaves. They are difficult to harvest and less than a thousand tons are produced per year worldwide. The stronger its aroma, the better quality and the higher its price, which is around 1,800 euros per half kilo.

They are highly appreciated as its consumption is associated with longevity. The trees that produce food for this fungus were decimated a few years ago by a plague of insects, which caused a rise in the price of this product, which became a rarity.


Watermelon Densuke Black

Hailing from the Japanese island Hokkaido, only about ten thousand units are produced per year. Its skin is thicker and black in color, without scratches, hence its name, and its interior, very juicy, is a soft pink color.

Giving one of these fruits is, in Japan, a show of respect and affection. Its price is around three hundred euros per piece. In 2009 a copy was sold in Japan that reached five thousand euros.

Pule Cheese

Pule or Pule cheese is a Serbian cheese made from the milk of a species of donkey from the Balkans of which only about a hundred copies are preserved, which makes it an exquisite delicacy, because to make one of these cheeses you need 25 liters of milk and the price of a liter is around fifty euros.


What do you think of What do the rich eat?? I cannot give you my personal opinion about any of these foods because I have not tried it, I hope that if you have had one at your fingertips, you will clear up our doubts about whether the taste of these ingredients is up to their price. Meanwhile, we will continue dreaming.

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