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What are the yellow cheeses that have more fat than milk?

24 mayo, 2021

Follow the cheese inspection! On this occasion, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (PROFECO) revealed which are the brands of yellow cheeses that have more water and fat than milk.

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Yellow cheeses: under the magnifying glass of the official standard

PROFECO conducted a study where 22 products were examined. He analyzed 11 yellow cheeses; 9 called “imitations”, “style” or “type” and 2 food preparations type yellow cheese.

Among these, it was found that there are 2 brands whose content is more water than dairy, which are Del Rancho and Le Castell, with dairy being the ingredient in the fourth and sixth position, respectively.

On the other hand, the brands Burr Caperucita, Chipilo, El Ciervo, Aurrera and La Villita fail to comply with what their labeling dictates, as some of these have more starch and / or vegetable fats.

One of the most notorious problems noted by the stay that protects consumer rights is that brands have used the terms “style”, “imitation” or type “, highlighting the word cheese, when they really are not.

Brands that are prohibited from selling cheese in Mexico for breach of regulations

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Aspects of analysis in cheeses

PROFECO carried out the analysis of the following guidelines:

  • Consumer information
  • Denomination
  • Water content
  • Presentation
  • Presence of starch
  • Nutritional contribution
  • Vegetable fats
  • Country of origin

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The cheeses that claim to be so without containing the necessary proteins are the following:

  • Aurrerá, with less content than indicated on its label.
  • Burr: confusing brand that has two presentations: American cheese and imitation American.
  • Little Red Riding Hood: contains vegetable fats.
  • American chipilo: with less content than indicated on its label.
  • Del Rancho: with less content than indicated on its label.
  • El Ciervo, with less content than its label indicates.
  • Le Castell: with less content than indicated on its label.
  • La Villita: with less content than indicated on its label.
  • Strip: called “American processed cheese style food” with less content on its label.
  • Very precise: it does not have the name of “imitation”, being that it has a lower percentage of protein.
  • Flavors of my land, with incomplete labeling and with vegetable fat.

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Yellow cheeses that met the standards

Not all cheeses failed the test. Those yellow cheeses that did pass the test were Aguascalientes, Great Value, Esmeralda, Lala, Kraft, President and Philadelphia.

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