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What are raisins

25 mayo, 2021

The raisins they are grapes dried. They are chosen to dry the sweetest varieties of table grapes, and those that contain the fewest seeds.

The production of raisins it is distributed between the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, the south of Spain, Australia and California. In the 13th century, those of Damascus were already famous.

After being soaked for a short time in an alkaline solution or a boiling potash solution, they are dried in the sun or artificially with hot air and then prepared in loose grains or in whole bunches.

By losing 90% of the water, raisins are very energetic (324 Cal per 100 grams) and have a high proportion of sugar (75 grams in 100 grams).

Varieties of raisins

  • The box grapes, produced in the South of France, are quite small and golden, and have practically no seeds. They are provided by the sultanan variety (hence the man of Sultaninen that are given to raisins in Germany). Let us also cite the passerelles de Frontignon, sun-dried muscat grapes.

  • The Corinth grapes, are imported from the Ionian Islands. They are small and dark, and do not have any pips. They are also used, after soaking, to produce a wine (various muscat and Hungarian tokay are also made with a certain proportion of dehydrated grapes).

  • The smyrna grapes (Turkey) and Malaga (Spain) are more voluminous and have a more musky flavor, but less sweet.

Using raisins in the kitchen

Serve as condiment in kitchen, especially in the farces of poultry, black puddings, some meat loaves, small cakes, cakes, etc., and are found in couscous, tajimes and pilafs, as well as in some Creole preparations from the Caribbean.

In Sicily they fill the sardines in papillotes with them. They are also involved in the stuffed vine leaves and in the port sauce that accompanies the braised ham.

In pastry, your employees are multiple. Macerated in warm water, wine or rum, they fill leavened pasta (kuglof, cramique, brioche, cake, savarín, etc.), season rice or semolina sweets, enrich puddings, grape breads and even cakes.

In the cuisines of Eastern and Northern Europe they are often used mixed with other dried fruits.

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