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What are Chepina Peralta’s most famous recipes?

26 mayo, 2021

One of the most popular and beloved kitchen leaders by the Mexican people was, without a doubt, Lucía Josefina Sánchez Quintarnar, better known as Chepina Peralta, who died this Friday, April 2 at the age of 90 as a result of a natural process of old age, has confirmed his family.

The chef of cooking recipes who was an icon for several generations, maintained a state of health commensurate with her age, so she fortunately died a quiet death.

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Chepina Peralta: an icon of the kitchen on Mexican television

Born on October 20, 1930, Chepina Peralta was a pioneer in cooking shows on Mexican television and much loved by the people of Mexico.

He participated in various programs such as:

La Cocina de Chepina, Cooking with Chepina, Chepina in your kitchen, Her daily menu, Salt and Pepper, Chepina and her Pando menu, where he captured the attention of thousands of followers.

Among his audience were mainly women housewives, for the ease of their recipes made with common ingredients and for the fun and simple way of giving them.

His career began in 1967, without cooking or driving studies, and he always expressed that at first he did not know how to cook.

However, his charisma and ease of communication were decisive for him to be given a 15-minute segment daily on open television.

In 1972, to learn about dishes and recipes, he took classes with different chefs, traveled through Mexico and attended nutrition lessons at the Hospital de La Raza.

Chepina Peralta knew how to win the hearts of thousands of fans for decades, who will surely continue to remember her for her great charisma and joy with which she always gave her recipes and culinary advice, mainly on Mexican television.

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Your most memorable recipes

Although Doña Chepina gave us tips to cook everything, and showed us with simple steps and tips that “anyone can cook”, there were recipes more memorable than others; and among them dishes of Mexican gastronomy stood out.

Among them, we cannot forget some delicious Mexican steak tips, some easy and succulent enjitomatadas; the typical chicken tinga, the exquisite pozole and a unique salpicón.

Of course, international dishes could not be absent such as an easy but very rich paella, and those endearing desserts that we like so much, such as flan.

If you want to check his recipes, you can do so on the YouTube channel dedicated to him. Rest in peace.

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