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Very easy to care plants, ideal to start your garden

26 mayo, 2021

It even happened to the most expert in gardening: he got some plants very pretty to start your garden, and within a month, they wilted!

And there are many types of plants, but all require different care, plus some are more delicate than others. Therefore, if we are starting in the wonderful world of gardening, it is important to know which plant we should start with in order to gain practice.

Today we share the most resistant and beautiful ones, ideal to have in almost any space (inside or outside the home). Do not be discouraged, and start a green space in your home!

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Very easy to care plants


anthuriums: hardy plants

It is one of the most beautiful and resistant plants you can have. (Photo: joss_saharaltair)

Tropical ornamental plant ideal to start a garden or have it indoors.

Its basic care: the ideal is to have it in a bright place where it receives indirect light. You can have it in resolana.

This plant, being tropical, needs humidity, so putting a plate under the pot is perfect for it to thrive. Of course, the risks must be moderate.

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Lucky bamboo: one of the easiest plants to care for

Lucky bamboo

(Photo: Getty Images)

It belongs to the dracena family and is recognized for being small in size but with a long stem. It is fast growing and highly resistant, in addition to being very well acclimatized in different spaces.

Your basic care: it needs luminosity but not excessive. It is perfect to have it indoors near a window.

Its irrigation is more constant but it is necessary to avoid waterlogging the land.

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Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Aloe

(Photo: Getty Images)

This is a very popular succulent for many reasons, including its great health benefits. For that reason and more it is convenient to have it at home.

Its basic care: good drainage, lots of sun and water. We recommend that you add volcanic stone to the bottom of the pot for better oxygenation of the soil.

This plant can be had in the sun, but it is best to protect it during the summer to prevent it from burning.

Watering can be 1 or 2 times a week.

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Living room palm tree: it will be one of your favorite plants

Living room palm tree

(Photo: Getty Images)

It is very popular for decorating interiors and, although it is very difficult to grow, it is a plant that requires very little attention.

Its basic care: it is best to keep it in the shade or semi-shade, as the sun turns yellow. Of course, they do not like the cold, so if you have an outside shade, it is perfect for this plant.

Give it moderate watering and do it when you see that the land is dry.

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Chinese money plant, or missionary plant

Chinese money plant

(Photo: Getty images)

It is very pretty and showy, with fairly simple care, as it is very resistant.

Its basic care: it needs a lot of light but without it being direct. Put it in a window, he will love that place.

You do not like sudden changes in temperature, so the window should preferably be closed. Also do not put it near heat sources.

To water it, it is important that you check its substrate: you must give it water until it looks dry, especially if you see that its leaves are decayed.

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