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Vegetarian Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

22 mayo, 2021

To advance this dish, you have to have a light homemade béchamel and a fried tomato sauce already made, or buy them already made if you prefer. Then it will be enough to cook the ingredients of each layer with the technique and time indicated for each one, taking into account that they will be finished later in the lasagna baking.

On the bottom we are going to put some mushrooms sautéed with spinach. To make them, we peel and slice the mushrooms and sauté them slightly until they change color and begin to brown. We turn off the heat and add the spinach leaves that will immediately become shiny and flexible. We booked.

For the middle layer, made with carrots and broccoli, we chop these ingredients into small pieces and steam them separately until cooked and al dente. (The broccoli will be in 2 minutes and the carrot will require 5).

For the top coatWith aubergines and onions, poach the finely chopped onion and cook the diced aubergine in the microwave for 5 minutes. Then we add the aubergine to the pan where the onions are poached and we sauté them together until well cooked.

Lasagna Vegetables Steps

Assembling the lasagna

In the bottom of the baking dish, spread two tablespoons of tomato and cover with two sheets of lasagna and a little béchamel. On it we place the mushrooms with spinach and cover with another layer of lasagna sheets.

In the next layer, we distribute the carrots and the broccoli pieces, covering with bechamel and two other sheets of lasagna. We finish with the onion with aubergine, other sheets of lasagna and the last layer of bechamel. Garnish with grated cheese and tomato and Bake for 30 minutes at 180º, gratin before bringing to the table.

With what to accompany the vegetarian vegetable lasagna

The Veggie Veggie Lasagna Recipe It is very satiating so I recommend you try it as a single dish, if perhaps complemented with an appetizer mushroom carpaccio ending with a light dessert like this raspberry souffle. You will see how much your whole family will like the combination of ingredients of the different layers of this vegetarian vegetable lasagna.