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Vegetable paella, one of the tastiest rice recipes to make on Sunday

25 mayo, 2021

The night before, we soaked the garrofón, the classic white beans, an essential ingredient in every paella. We started Chopping the garlic clove very well and brown it in oil, directly on the paella. Add the grated tomato and the green pepper cut into pieces and prepare a sauce that will be the base of our stock or vegetable broth. This is common in any recipe for rice in paella.

We are preparing the vegetables that we are going to use. In my case, in addition to cleaning and quartering the artichokes, and separating the little trees from the cauliflower, I went julienne some vegetable scraps I had at home like a small zucchini. We incorporate them into the paella together with the drained garrofón and the flat green beans to which we will simply cut the ends and cut in half or into three pieces if they are very long.

We sauté all the vegetables in olive oil so as not to leave them raw (except for the artichokes that we reserve for cooking) and once they have gone through the oil, we add the water to make the vegetable broth with the cooking of these in the same paella. If you are going to use vegetable broth instead of water, then we will use 8 glasses instead of 10 because we will not have to discount what is going to evaporate while making this broth if we start with water.

After 15-20 minutes of cooking, if we start with water, we will have the tender vegetables and the flavored broth. Then we add the artichokes and the rice and cook 6-8 minutes over very high heat and then another 12-10 over low heat, without stirring the rice until the end of cooking. When finished, we put some branches of rosemary, cover with a damp cloth and let our paella rest for about 5 minutes before taking it to the table.

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With what to accompany the vegetable paella

To accompany this vegetable paella recipeWe recommend starting with a simple appetizer like these artichoke chips and ending with an easy and effective dessert like individual strawberry and lemon tarts, to round off a party menu.