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Varied cheese croquettes, easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

In a tall casserole we put the butter and heat. When it has dissolved we add the flour and with a few rods we stir and sauté for a couple of minutes so that the flour cooks and loses its raw flavor. Add the blue cheese in pieces, and while stirring, we wait for it to dissolve completely. Now we add a little milk while stirring vigorously to prevent lumps from forming.

We allow the milk that we have added to consume before adding another jet. When a few minutes pass and we have more or less half of the added milk, add the cheeses in pieces and the Parmesan. Without stopping stirring we wait for them to dissolve and We pour the rest of the milk until we have a semi-solid paste, like any other type of croquette.

We raise the heat a little, and without stopping to stir, when the béchamel begins to boil season and add nutmeg to taste. Cook the cream for about 15 minutes without stopping stirring at any time to avoid sticking.

We put all the dough in a source, cover with transparent film and refrigerate a few hours to solidify. To shape the cheese croquettes, we take portions of the dough, make the desired shape with our hands and pass each croquette through breadcrumbs, egg and breadcrumbs, in this order.

We do the same until all the dough is finished. We fry the croquettes in plenty of olive oil and let it rest on absorbent paper before serving.

Varied cheese croquettes recipe step by step

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With what to accompany the varied cheese croquettes

The assorted cheese croquettes They are served as a starter or also, as we have mentioned on other occasions, they solve a dinner for you with a good salad. They are delicious, although it sounds strange, accompanied by sweet-flavored jam. We who are total fans of cheese with jam do the same with croquettes.