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Typical Christmas meals: the most traditional recipes

25 mayo, 2021

The typical Christmas foods They have something charming about them, partly because of the annual routine they produce, and partly because they are special dishes that sometimes you only eat once a year, and the anticipation they generate adds yet another incentive to the already joyous Fiestas.

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For those who are curious about what the traditional Christmas recipes more common in our country and also in Europe, or want to start in the most authentic Christmas cuisine, I have prepared this small compilation of typical Christmas foods with everything published in recent years. I hope you like it.

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Typical Christmas soups and broths

Christmas consommé

When the cold rages, nothing comes in better than a soup, a broth or a consommé. In Catalonia it is very common to serve Christmas broth in a galet soup, although it is no less so in the rest of the country, especially in the north, the Christmas consommé.

Fish and seafood soups are also very traditional, combining the heat provided with the additional luxury that good seafood provides, and also the cod porrusalda, much more modest, but also present on many tables.

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Traditional meat and fish recipes

Roast beef

If there is a traditional recipe par excellence For these Holidays this is none other than the Christmas turkey recipe, although its miniature version, the stuffed picantones, are also a very traditional recipe in Catalonia, for example.

In my family, however, English Roast Beef, grilled beef tenderloin, has always been served on Christmas Day, although we knew it by its more mundane name of “grandmother’s meat”, because it was a habitual recipe of hers, despite that we were always fifty diners and I still wonder what face the butcher would make when he saw that lady take so many sirloins.

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Monkfish in green sauce with clams

Between the fishes, especially when I spend a few days with my family in Asturias, clams are always very present, either alone, as is the case with clams a la marinera, or accompanied, as in this recipe for monkfish in green sauce with clams, although the most traditional recipe is with hake.

As a side, there is no more typical Madrid recipe than braised red cabbage with apple, chestnuts and orange. Sauces are also a Christmas table tradition, like the classic intense onion sauce.

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Typical Christmas desserts

Spitzbuben, Swiss Christmas cookies

Christmas is full of typical desserts, but the truth is that normally many of us buy them made, such as nougat or marzipan, however we can easily make the classic crunchy chocolate nougat or these simple marzipan chocolates at home. Cava sorbet is also quite traditional.

In Europe there is also a lot of Christmas tradition, and this is evident in the great variety of typical sweets they have to offer us:

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With this sweet ending, I conclude this short compilation about typical Christmas foods. I hope you have enjoyed these traditional Christmas recipes and that they have inspired you to finish shaping your menu for these Holidays.