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Types of spices that you should learn to use in the kitchen

25 mayo, 2021

If you want to cook dishes with a delicious flavor, you need to learn the types of spices which are basic in the kitchen.

What are spices?

The different types of spices are seeds that are obtained from fruits, unopened buttons of certain flowers, roots, barks or berries.

Some are mild in flavor, like cinnamon or nutmeg, or strong, like pepper, ginger, or cloves. When cooking, your smell and taste play an important role in determining how much to add to your food recipes.

Let yourself be guided by your taste and experience to decide whether to add more or less pepper to your chicken recipes, or to perhaps add ground walnut or cinnamon to your dessert.

This is definitely not going to interfere with the consistency of the food and may instead gain in flavor. The types of spices you use in any recipe will be the key to the taste of the food. Believe it or not.

Types of spices that you should learn to use in the kitchen


Toast it a little before adding the seeds to your recipe to increase both aroma and flavor. This seasoning is ideal for you to use in rice or soupy stews.


The curious form of this spice gives it its name. To use it, “stick” two or three into the whole fish fillet to cook before baking or steaming.

Dried chili peppers

This is where everyone you find in this presentation comes in: guajillo, morita, puya, etc. With more or less heat, if you want a simple but tasty sauce to mix, use them.

Ground cinnamon

A small amount brings out the flavor of chili peppers and curries


A mixture of flavors between onion and garlic perfect for fish with a touch of French cuisine. Use them steamed and avoid browning them, they can sour and ruin your dish.


Give a touch of “paella” to a rice with seafood with this spice or add it to prepare a wallpaper fish to perfume it and give it both flavor and color.

Dehydrated laurel

From broths it spends fish or pickles. One or two of these leaves on your plate are enough to infuse your food with its flavor and aroma, with spectacular results.

Pink pepper

You find them dry or in some cases, in brine. This pepper is very aromatic but you can use it in moderation because in excess it can be toxic (limit to two or three balls).


You can dissolve it with vinegar or orange to cook a fish with a lot of color and flavor. Accompany with white rice and deflected onion for the perfect combination.

Red paprika

With a delicate sweet pepper flavor, it adds color to stews and goes very well with seafood recipes. If you use it, consume it quickly so that it does not lose aroma, color or change its flavor.

Mixed peppers

Did you know that this is the most common presentation of peppers in France? It is the perfect mix if you don’t know which ones to use in your dish; flavor is guaranteed on your plate.

Black pepper

Better whole, they are immature berries and dried for approximately 10 days in the sun. They have a more intense flavor.


Do you love the spicy flavors of Indian cuisine? Turmeric is the base of curry, it is a spice that you are going to adore. Use it sparingly on fish with sauce.

Dill seeds

They add a bitter touch to foods, so they can be included in marinades for meats, especially pork and lamb.


Its sweetness combines with creamy sauces, stewed spinach, cooked pumpkins and desserts. To obtain an optimal result, it should be grated when using it.

Apply these tips that will help you preserve the different types of spices for longer.

  1. It is always better to have whole spices than ground ones. Store them whole and chop them right at the time of use. This will benefit you.
  2. Keep them in cans. Thus, light will not penetrate them and will not alter their taste or smell.
  3. If you want to enhance the flavor of a spice, toast it before serving it on a plate. You’ll love it!

And the question you surely have in mind, how long do spices and even herbs last?

If they have been in the pantry for a long time (year or more), they will surely have lost their original flavor. To make sure, before using them, smell them, if their aroma is weak or almost imperceptible, it is time to buy new ones.

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