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Types of pumpkin that exist in Mexico and their characteristics

24 mayo, 2021

In Mexico we are fortunate because there is a great diversity of food, and the types of pumpkin are one of them! Discover the variety of pumpkins that you can find and their characteristics.

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Types of pumpkin: how they are classified

Have you ever imagined that zucchini are related to melon and cucumber? You are right. There are different varieties, but they are usually divided into ‘summer squash’ and ‘winter’.

Summer squash

Summer squash

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You can identify them because they have not matured: they are round or elongated, and have a shiny green skin, very soft and delicate pulp with also tender seeds; they are found all year round.

They are also known as zucchini or zucchini.

These include the following:

  • Chilacayote: it has an oval shape, it is thick-skinned and has no ribs. It is usually green with white stripes.
  • Pipiana: its shape is oval, with a light to dark green shell. It also has small white spots.

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Winter squashes

Winter squashes

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Also known by the name of Castilla. They are considerably larger and of various shapes, they have a very thick skin, it can be green or yellow, with orange pulp; it is prepared in sweet or soups or as a filling for cakes.

You can also locate them because one of their largest varieties are those that traditionally serve as an ornament on Halloween.

The varieties that you find in Mexico are:

  • Castile or butter: their size becomes variable, and they have a thick and smooth shell. It has rounded ribs.
  • Kabosha: its skin is thick and its pulp is very orange. Color ranges from blackish green to tan orange.

What pumpkins do you like the most?

We invite you to discover some delicious recipes with zucchini and Castile squash that will make your palate happy.

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