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Types of mustard and what dishes you can enjoy them with

24 mayo, 2021

Did you know that there are different types of mustard? And not all of it is for use in hot dogs. Today we show you what they are and the recipes of the dishes for you to try and enjoy.

There are three main types of grains, coming from three different plant species. One is white, scented, refined, and slightly spicy, which is the basis of commercial seasoning mixes.

The second is the black, especially spicy, used in Indian sauces and as a mixture in the strongest European mustards, such as Dijon.

A third type called gray, occupies the middle point between the others. Get to know them in more detail.

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Mustard types


Hot dog with bacon dressing

Hot dog with bacon dressing

It is a direct descendant of the English, smooth and fresh acidity. It is made exclusively from white grains, vinegar, salt, sugar, herbs and spices; it is very creamy and inseparable companion of fast food.

  • It goes well with: hot dogs, hamburgers, and even French fries.

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Old-fashioned mustard

roasted carrots with mustard sauce

Roasted carrots with mustard sauce.

Or like grain mustard – Moutarde du grain, or Moutarde de Meaux, from French Burgundy to the world, a high quality mustard, medium intensity flavors, made from whole seeds of the species brassica juncea, vinegar, or water and salt.

  • Goes well with: sweet vinaigrettes, like those with honey.

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With penetrating and spicy flavors, it is able to clear the airways easily when consumed. Its elaboration has black and gray grains, wine, salt and citric acid.

  • It goes well with: salads, red meat and to marinate skewers of different ingredients.

Mustard recipes

Now, to enjoy your favorite recipes with the delicious and irresistible flavor of this dressing. Get to know them and prepare your favorite.

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