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Types of lettuces that you can use in your salads and rich recipes

25 mayo, 2021

Lettuce is one of the vegetables that you can never miss in your kitchen, as it is very nutritious and is a great ingredient for different dishes. Read on and find out what the different are types of lettuce for salads that you can use.

The main characteristic of lettuce in addition to the green color is that it adapts perfectly to all kinds of dishes, automatically when you add it you get a more balanced meal.

Many people think that lettuce is boring and too simple, however they could not be more wrong, thanks to the different types of lettuce that exist, it gives you endless options to create all kinds of salads, the key is to learn how to use them. correctly.

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Benefits of lettuce

  • It is a source of iron, so it helps fight fatigue and prevent anemia.
  • It helps make new cells, red and white blood cells, which help form antibodies and fight infection.
  • It is rich in fiber, improves digestion and controls blood sugar and fat levels.
  • It has a high level of antioxidants that delay aging.
  • Its vitamins B1, B2 and B3 improve the functioning of the brain and metabolism.
  • Provides omega 3, which improves concentration and memory.

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Types of lettuce for your salads

  • Romana
    It is distinguished by an intense green color and a thick stem with long and robust leaves, its slightly bitter taste goes with all salads.
  • Iceberg
    Its shape is round and very similar to cabbage, its simple flavor is a good base or complement to other dishes, such as Mexican snacks.
  • French
    It has thinner and curly leaves, its tone is dark green and its flavor is more delicate, you can use it in oriental or tropical salads.
  • Lollo
    You will find it red or green, its leaves are curly and it is more bitter, so we recommend that you combine it with strong dishes.
  • Frisee
    It is smaller, it is used as a complement to the same salads, not as the base.
  • Oak Leaf
    It is wavy and its colors range from green to brown, it is slightly crunchy and ideal if you want to increase the presentation.

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