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Types of fish eggs

25 mayo, 2021

I was reading a chapter in the book of Harold mcgee The kitchen and food and I have found a reference to the classification of types of fish eggs that are usually consumed.

It is clear that it will be interesting for those who consume them. Some of them are very expensive, also very rich and also with quite high cholesterol levels. And on the other hand, I have discovered that I still have a lot to prove in this life.

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For example and I really would love to know your opinion, but I have not tried the carp eggs, nor those of flying fish, nor those of mullet or lump. Not to say that I have not tried the ones from the corégono either. And others that maybe I should have tried, but neither have I been the ones from the cod or tuna.

For example the carp eggs they are small eggs, light pink and sometimes somewhat salty. Cod eggs are small, pink, and slightly salty. They are eaten pressed, dried and smoked.

Those of the flying fishSurely you have found it curious, they are small eggs, yellow in color, although they are stained orange or black and are crunchy. In Japan they are known as tobiko.

Other much more frequent eggs are those of the trout, which I personally don’t like at all, they are large and yellow. Those of salmon, large (or very large), orange-red in color, are consumed in light brine. And of course sturgeon eggs, the famous and expensive caviar. There are many varieties, depending on the type of thickness, place of origin, etc. I have eaten the Beluga 000, also from fish farms in France and Spain (Córdoba), and they vary in shades ranging from greenish yellow to jet black.

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