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Types of coffee: practical guide to enjoy your favorite drink

25 mayo, 2021

We know that inside you there is a coffeelover that cannot start your morning without a good cup of your favorite drink. And to fall in love more with its flavor and aroma, we present you a guide to coffee types so that you know its varieties, as well as data that you probably did not know.

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What types of coffee are there?

HThere are two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Both types are good, it depends on what you like better.

Arabica is milder because the level of caffeine is lower, however, it is a coffee that depends a lot on the stability of the climate, therefore it is a bit more expensive.

Robusta has a more intense and earthy flavor, as it contains twice the caffeine of arabica. The first grows at higher altitudes, more than 600 meters above sea level, while the second is achieved at altitudes of 200 meters; It depends on this that it is called ‘high altitude coffee’.

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How do I know if the coffee is good?

Everything is on the label, don’t be fooled. There are those who put 100% coffee, but they do not specify if they are combining arabica and robusta, there are those who tell you that it is coffee from a certain region, but they do not tell you if it is high altitude coffee. The label must have the following elements:

  • Type of coffee: if it is 100% arabica, robust or a combination of both.
  • Harvest region: there are coffees that, by the region, are already known to be good, such as Colombian coffee or in the case of Mexicans, those from Chiapas, Veracruz or Oaxaca. If the coffee is tropical, if it was harvested somewhere near the tropic of Cancer or Capricorn.
  • Height: it is said that the higher the height at which it was harvested, the better the quality; This is because it takes longer to grow and the grain acquires characteristics that enrich the flavor, but like everything else, it depends on the taste of each one.
  • Roast – There are coffees labeled light roast or cinnamon, medium roast, or dark roast. Be careful: it should never be totally black. The first preserves the flavors of origin, the second is sweeter and with a lot of caffeine, and the last is used for espresso-type coffees.

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What is the best presentation?

We are not going to mess with instant capsules or espresso because that would be too long.

For this reason, we are going to limit ourselves to the three most common presentations and with which you do not require an exclusive coffee machine for its preparation: soluble, ground or whole coffee.

There are those who like the ritual that involves consuming coffee beans, grinding the coffee, putting it in the coffee maker or in a press and enjoying the aroma that emerges during the drip and therefore detracts from the soluble; however, you can also find high quality coffee in soluble products.

The best presentation will depend on the time you want to invest in the preparation, if you have only a few minutes, the soluble will be the best, but If you want to do the whole process, you can buy grain.

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