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Tuna, tomato and egg dumplings: a staple classic

23 mayo, 2021

We start by cooking the eggs in salted water for 12 minutes. When they are cooked, we peel and chop them very finely. In a bowl, we leave the chopped egg and add the content of two or three cans of drained tuna.

You can use any variety of tuna, in water or natural, in oil or pickled (my favorite) but remember to drain the liquid well and crumble the tuna with a fork so that there are no fat chunks. Now add the tomato, tablespoon by tablespoon and little by little so that we have an ideal mixture for the filling.

It does not have to be very liquid or it will be difficult for us to close the dumplings not very thick because they will be a mazacote. We put small portions of that filling in the center of each empanadilla wafer and close it by making a mark with the fork on the edges so that they are well sealed.

If we choose to bake them, we varnish them with egg yolk to make them more beautiful. If we fry them, we heat the oil well so that they fry quickly and suffer slightly forming bubbles or bubbles. Finally, we drain them on absorbent paper and serve them.

Dumplings Tuna Egg Tomato Steps

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With what to accompany the tuna, tomato and egg dumplings

Whether you choose to take them hot or cold, whether you make them in the oven or if you choose to fry them, the tuna, tomato and egg dumplings They are delicious accompanied by a homemade fried tomato sauce and in the company of a glass of red wine to your liking.

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