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Traditional squid recipe in its ink

25 mayo, 2021

We started cleaning the squid well on the outside and inside, turning it over and removing everything that is inside until obtaining the pod. We cut the fins and tentacles and reserve them for other preparations. We chop the pod into rings and leave them in cold water to finish cleaning.

Meanwhile, we poach the very chopped onion, so that it is part of the sauce and that its texture is not noticeable. We cook it over low heat and when it is soft, we add the tomato, also very chopped, allowing it to cook until obtaining a juicy and tasty stir-fry.

We add the squid rings and the wine, letting the ingredients mix well and bring it to a boilWe cook in the saucepan covered for 30 minutes and add the squid ink and stir well. We let cook uncovered another 20 minutes and we put out the fire.

To give body to the sauce, we crush a clove of garlic with a few branches of parsley and some croutons of fried bread -or two tablespoons of breadcrumbs- in the mortar and add it at the end of cooking and let it rest. The sauce thickens when it cools. The stew, -as almost all- wins when eve cooks and flavors settle.

Squid His Ink Steps

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With what to accompany the traditional squid recipe in its ink

The traditional squid recipe in its ink it is ideal as a main course, after a light starter such as a vegetable dish or a winter salad. For garnish, a little white rice cooked with a few sprigs of parsley is perfect.

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