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Traditional Andalusian picadillo soup, the traditional Andalusian spoon dish

24 mayo, 2021

We clean the vegetables well, peel the carrots and make a cross-shaped cut in the leeks to remove the dirt. We put them in a tall casserole or kettle, also adding the chicken carcasses and quarters, the ham bone (with good meat) and a veal knee bone.

When it starts to boil, we remove the foams or impurities that will rise to the surface and after fifteen minutes, we lower the heat to a minimum and let it cook for another hour over low heat but keeping the boil. Once the broth is made, we strain it well and reserve in the refrigerator, at least for four hours, so that the fat on its surface solidifies and we can degrease the broth when we want to prepare the soup.

We reserve the ham and the chicken meat to chop into small cubes. On the other hand, we will have cooked two eggs that once they are at their point, we will cool, we will peel and we will also chop, reserving them together with the ham and chicken hash.

Andalusian Picadillo Soup Pakus Dap Steps

To make the picadillo soup, we put the defatted broth in a saucepan, add the ingredients that we have minced and some fine noodles type hawthorn or entrefines, cooking until the chosen pasta is just right. We taste and correct the salt if necessary and serve in a deep dish.