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To lick your fingers! Mango BBQ ribs

28 mayo, 2021

We reveal the recipe for the exquisite mango BBQ ribs, perfect for the weekend party or family reunion.

Is there a more pleasant sensation than biting into a soft pork rib in barbecue sauce and having it melt in your mouth? If you are a fan of this classic American dish, you are going to love this one because it will add a special touch of tropical flavor and it will be a feast of flavor on your palate.

Don’t you believe us? We reveal the final recipe for the Mango BBQ ribs so you can prepare them at home and indulge your family and guests at each gathering you host. Let’s do it!


The pulp of two mangoes

1/4 of cup of raw sugar

1 tablespoon of paprika

1 tablespoon of chile de arbol ground

1/2 cup soy sauce

1 teaspoon maggi juice

12 pieces of pork ribs

60 gr. of butter


1. Place the mangoes, sugar, paprika, soy sauce, maggi juice and chile de arbol in the blender and process until all the ingredients are perfectly integrated.

2. Boil the ribs so that your dish is super soft. Then cover the ribs with the previous sauce and refrigerate for approximately three hours.

3. Brown the ribs over low heat in the butter until they turn a coppery color. This will take a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can take the opportunity to wash your utensils with SALVO: remove filth, bad odors and grease stains in your pan and of course, the mango BBQ sauce that you just prepared.

Sirve y acompaña con elotes amarillos hervidos y sazonados con sal y mantequilla.