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Tips to take advantage of citrus fruits when cooking

27 mayo, 2021

The citrus They are fruits that we normally take advantage of to make flavored juices or waters. And although we always have lemon wedges in the center of our table, did you know that you could take advantage of them in other ways for your dishes?

Here we give you some good tips so that grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin and orange give a unique flavor to your meals, while taking advantage of all their nutrients!

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How to take advantage of citrus fruits when cooking?

Don’t leave the supermarket without a lemon and a lime


On your grocery list, don’t miss citrus! (Photo: Getty Images)

Get into the habit every time you go shopping. They are infinitely useful and versatile, they last a long time in your refrigerator and can be used for tacos, sauces, cocktails, vinaigrettes, etc.

And not only that: they are ideal for marinating different meats: chicken, fish, beef, pork and even seafood. It all depends on the flavor you want to give it!

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Roasting citrus is not just for garnishing dishes

Applying direct heat to citrus fruits caramelizes their natural sugars and lightens their acidity. To do this, lightly varnish the lemon or orange halves with oil and place upside down on the grill or in a pan.

Use its juice on rotisserie chicken, guacamole, or roasted vegetables, even sweet potatoes or potatoes!

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Opt for natural citrus juice

Citrus juice

(Photo: Getty Images)

Although it may seem much more practical to buy a bottled juice, there is a big difference: juice squeezed at home has less time to oxidize and no added preservative, which means that its flavor is more intense.

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Take advantage of its zest


Remove the zest from the citrus. (Photo: Getty Images)

Both lemon and orange zest, in addition to containing many beneficial properties for health, give an exquisite flavor to drinks, desserts such as apple salad and rice pudding.

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Ecological tip with citrus


(Photo: Getty Images)

Do you have very old citrus or do the lemons you squeeze still have juice left? Take advantage of what is left of juiciness by squeezing them over organic garbage. This will prevent bad odors and drive away insects such as flies and ants.

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