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Tips to reduce plastic in your kitchen

29 mayo, 2021

The environmental problem is something that concerns us all, that’s why we help you with these tips to reduce plastic in your kitchen.

The world problem

Plastic is a material that has been used for decades, however the problem is that it usually has a very short useful life, but once its function ends, it becomes a danger that threatens the environment. In addition to taking years and years to degrade and invade the world’s seas and oceans, its production also means great pollution and contribution to climate change.

Precisely for these reasons we must all do more of our part to reduce this damage and we help you do your bit with the best tips to reduce plastic in your kitchen.

reduce plastic in your kitchen

Cardboard is one of the best options to change your cutlery, plates, glasses and plastic bags.

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Tips to reduce plastic in your kitchen

  1. When shopping, bring reusable cloth bags, make sure you always have one in your car or in your backpack to be prepared for any spontaneous purchase.
  2. Bring washable glass or plastic containers when buying cold cuts and some dairy products.
  3. Buy your fruits and vegetables at your local market to avoid unnecessary wrapping.
  4. Create your own home garden and grow different vegetables or spices so you don’t have to buy as much.
  5. Avoid canned foods, most are lined with plastic.
  6. Buy cereals and legumes in bulk that you can store in your own containers at home.
  7. Look for packaging that is cardboard or has a biodegradable seal.
  8. To cover food or prepare new recipes, do not use plastic wrap, better use aluminum foil or wax.
  9. Another option to store food in your kitchen is to use reusable silicone bags, you can put them in the refrigerator and even the freezer.
  10. Do not throw away all the plastics you already have, make the most of them, wash and refuse, until you really can’t use them anymore, you can even give them new uses such as creating pots with the plastic containers.
  11. Eliminate plastic plates, glasses and cutlery, for any party or event opt ​​for cardboard, wood or glass options.
  12. Buy a reusable water bottle, as well as your coffee thermos.
  13. Pack your takeout food as your lunch for work, in paper bags.
  14. Buy a pair of steel straws, leave one in your kitchen and always carry another with you.
  15. Use brushes and sponges made of natural materials like bamboo to wash your dishes.
  16. Separate the plastic caps and bottles from the rest of the garbage, then look for different organizations or establishments to which you can donate them so they can be reused.
  17. Recycle and reuse, that should be your golden rule.

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