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Tips to prepare fish and seafood without complications

25 mayo, 2021

Eat fish and shellfish it should be done all year round. They have many nutritional properties and they are also delicious.

However, it is believed that outside of Lent they are very expensive or that they are very complicated to cook. We invite you to lose your fear of them and use them more often!

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Fish and seafood: tips to enjoy them before, during and after Lent


Red snapper

fried red snapperIts red skin characterizes it and the most popular recipe is Veracruz style, however, as its meat is firm, you can use it in many ways.

It is large, so if you want to make a ‘feast’, fry them whole to keep everyone satisfied or cut into fillets to accompany vegetables and rice.

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How to desalinate cod

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Typical in the Christmas tables prepared a la Biscayne, the cod is usually found dry and salty (although you can also find it fresh).

As the meat flakes easily, it is ideal for making croquettes, empanadas or even for soups.

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Green beans recipe with salmon

Typical for diets, salmon has many properties. You can cook it or eat it raw (classic in sushi).

If you’re going to eat it raw, make sure it’s fresh; press the meat with your fingertips and it should return to its original shape.

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No, there is not only canning, although this is also very tasty. You can get tuna medallions that are characterized by a deep red color.

The latter you can only seal it so that it is raw inside; wrap a sesame crust around it for a professional chef’s touch.

Tip: Other fish that you can try are: mojarra or tilapia, sardines, sea bass, grouper, dogfish, Basa… all of them are produced in Mexico so you can get them fresh and at a good price.

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The king of seafood, a sign that you are celebrating a special occasion.

You do not need to go to a restaurant to enjoy it, cook them in boiling water, 15 minutes if they weigh half a kilo or less, 25 minutes if they weigh one kilo or until they turn red … a little more butter. Delicious!

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Shrimp in white wine

The universal that children and adults like.

You find it in different sizes, raw or dry, it is a super versatile seafood.

Breaded for the ‘little ones’, dry for the shrimp broth, with garlic sauce for the cravings … accompany them with rice and serve a feast of kings.

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Grilled octopus

We do not recommend that you clean it yourself, ask that they give it to you clean and without its ink (that they give it to you separately).

Put it in a pressure cooker for ten minutes or in boiling water for two minutes, take it out and drain it, repeat this process three times and let it cook for 20 more minutes, so it won’t be chewy.

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They are considered an aphrodisiac food because of the zinc they contain, which helps improve blood circulation. Check that they are fresh and there is no red tide to avoid diseases.

If you are on the coast and they are freshly caught, do not hesitate to eat them fresh with a little lemon.

Now if you are not so adventurous you can cook them or eat them smoked. They are very good in sauces (chipotle, sweet and sour, etc) or in cocktails.

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Some crab tostadas are the first thing that comes to mind for many. Cooking them is a challenge, but you can get it already cooked and shredded.

Tip: other seafood that you can try are: squid, clams, mussels, prawns, scallops and many more.

And if you live on the coast, it would be a crime if you didn’t eat one of these much more often than the people from the capital.

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