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Tips to make the most delicious atoles this Candlemas Day

25 mayo, 2021

We all know them: atoles they are the ideal companions of tamales par excellence. That is why we want to share with you the professional tips of chef Mariana Orozco so that this drink is delicious for you. Take note!

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Tips to make atoles as a professional

Is a flavor of atole recommended for each type of tamale?


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There is no ideal pairing. It is difficult to make a pairing of something salty that is usually very sweet.

There may not be a pair, but the function of the atole is that, since it is a very caloric, very hot and very sweet product, it is usually something that works well because it helps pay for the spice. That is why it is the ideal companion for tamales.

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Using seasonal fruits

Christmas apple atole

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This is a guarantee that the atole will taste very good, because the fruit is at its best. It is also much cheaper.

It is also important to check that the fruit is at its exact ripening time.

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The perfect sweetness of atoles

cinnamon atole jelly

The greatest sweetness of the atole has to come from the fruit, and not from the sweetener that we put on it. For a better flavor there should be a good proportion of the fruit.

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Do not use food coloring for the atoles


In case you have to use colorants, it is because portions of the main ingredient are missing.

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Use better quality milk or water

Chocolate atole with cardamom

The quality of each of the ingredients you use can provide you with a better atole flavor. This includes starch.

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Stir it constantly

Guava atole with ginger, rich and nutritious

Remember that the atole has starches that make it stick, can burn and completely change the flavor of the atole, especially if you add sugar that, when burned, caramelizes and makes the atole bitter.

Stir constantly over low heat to prevent this from happening and taste it. We recommend giving it another boil and trying again.

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