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Tips to make healthy snacks in a practical way

25 mayo, 2021

One way to diet without feeling hungry between meals is to include healthy snacks that make us feel good without suffering the consequences.

If you already have your snacks, we invite you to follow these super practical tips to include them in your diet. Thus, you will avoid hunger and meet your goals in an easier and more delicious way.

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How to include healthy snacks

You need to count two snacks a day

granola bars

One between breakfast and lunch, and another for mid-afternoon to speed up your metabolism.

The key is the protein and healthy fats found in foods like cheese sticks, Greek yogurt, or nuts.

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Prepare your healthy snacks in advance

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You can separate almonds into individual bags, or wash and cut fruit in advance.

You need you and your family to feel that having those snacks is as easy as “going to the machine.” This way it will be more difficult to fall into the temptation of eating other things, or wanting to go to the store for “trinkets”.

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Don’t take the calories!

Healthy snacks: ice cubes with fruit

One way to include healthy snacks if you don’t like plain water. (Photo: Getty Images)

No matter how much healthy snacks we eat, there is something that we cannot eliminate from our lives: drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy.

If you’re not a fan of plain water, you can freeze lemon wedges in ice cubes for a cool espresso drink. Or also use other fruits such as strawberries, and even herbs such as rosemary, spearmint or mint.

If you want a jug, you can freeze the ice cubes in muffin trays.

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