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Tips to make a more palatable lunch and that does not fall apart

24 mayo, 2021

It’s time to make a lunch much more delicious, whimsical and that also does not fall apart (because that is one of the great annoyances of taking food out).

Keep reading and discover these tips that will make lunch more enjoyable:

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Make a lunch: a work of art

Learn to vary it


The perfect lunch is easier than you can imagine. But before putting it together, one of the first recommendations we make is that it should vary weekly so that it is not boring and is more palatable.

You can allocate a protein for each day of the week. For example: Monday, chicken; Tuesday, beef; Wednesday, fish or tuna, etc.

You can do the same with vegetables: either in a sandwich or separately, one day you can prepare sticks or carrot grated, other days it can be cucumber or apple.

Dressings can also be key for your palate to enjoy more of the flavor of your lunch. Making a weekly change of the mayo for a vinaigrette or a sauce will not get bored of the flavor.

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Avoid excesses

Delicious and nutritious rainbow sandwich

This rainbow sandwich is perfect for your children’s lunch, because in addition to being fun, it has very healthy ingredients.

One of the reasons why a lunch (especially the sandwich) falls apart is excesses.

Make sure that your sandwich has one or two proteins and that these are, preferably, of a dry consistency (such as ham or cheese) to avoid moistening the bread.

Also the dressing could be a problem when placing too much on the bread. Make sure that this is only what is necessary to enjoy its flavor.

Some vegetables, like tomatoes, can also derail any preparation. It is better if you prepare a little bit as mince and place it between the ham and the cheese so that the bread does not get wet.

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Make a more practical lunch

We present the top 10 of the best foods with vitamins and other nutrients for your children. Include them in your school lunch! Getty Images

  • Tuppers are an excellent option to transport them, and not only that: they also keep certain foods fresher and without them falling apart.
  • The micro tupperware are ideal to carry the dressing aside and also some seeds. These can easily go inside larger tuppers so they don’t get lost.
  • It is more palatable (and much easier, especially for children) to eat fruit that is cut into cubes or sticks.
  • Whatever fruit is for lunch, it must be protected, especially if it is soft (a banana, for example).
  • The fruit sticks can go in a plastic bag as long as they do not go along with lemon juice or piquín.

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