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Tips to cook perfect rice the easy way

25 mayo, 2021

Sure, at least once in your life, you have heard expert home cooks say that one of the most difficult dishes to prepare is rice, since it must be done with the exact measurements, because if you happen to do this it would end in a complete mess, therefore it should look fluffy, smooth and not be beaten, but to achieve this it is quite a challenge.

Some of the reasons why they say that it is a complicated dish is because you must be very careful in the amount of water you use, the intensity of heat with which you cook it, the type of rice and even the type of recipe that you are going to prepare.

They say that if you know how to prepare rice you will be able to do anything, it is, to put it in some way, “the litmus test in the kitchen”, “the way to win the approval of your mother-in-law”.

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So, if you are a first-time in the kitchen and rice has become your headache, if you want to convince your mother-in-law why you suit her son or you have been practicing it for years and it does not finish you, this is the moment. just to pay particular attention to this dish and follow these simple, but essential, tips for cooking rice that will serve you well and help you succeed in the kitchen.

Tips to cook perfect rice the easy way

Tips for cooking rice

It does not matter what type of rice you want to prepare, red, white, green, if you follow these tips to cook rice to the letter and pay close attention to the procedure, we assure you that, at last, you will achieve the result that you were looking for a long time and now yes you will be able to show off your magnificent creation with everyone.

Wash the rice

We must have the habit of washing all food before using it or ingesting it, since there is no lack of any bacteria that may have stuck to it or that in its transfer it has gone through some bad conditions, so it is better to avoid diseases than to pay the consequences. With rice it is not the exception, it is necessary to wash it to remove impurities or starch that is loose and causes it to be more sticky.

The only way to know if it is already clean is when the water you wash it with is clear. Avoid wasting rice grains by emptying the amount you are going to use in a strainer and you will see how easy it is to wash it.

Measure the water

This is one of the main mistakes we make, not knowing how much water to cook the rice with and the tip is that 1 ½ cup of water is used for each cup of rice. Pay particular attention when measuring it, because if you happen to spend it, it may be sticky or it can be beaten, it will look too paste-like, a bit disgusting.

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Tips to cook perfect rice the easy way

Take care of the intensity of the heat

Once you put the rice to boil with the corresponding water, we recommend that it boil over medium heat, when this begins to happen, we recommend you put the flame to medium low and cover it, but not completely, letting the steam drain release and don’t get trapped inside

Lower the temperature

A few minutes later, check your rice and if you notice that some “gaps” or holes have formed, cover it completely and lower the heat as much as possible.

The final touch

Leave it like this for approximately 15 minutes, turn off the heat and it is more than ready to serve and enjoy it.

Important data

  • Avoid moving the rice while it is cooking.
  • After washing it some people fry it, you can do the same, but it is not a very healthy option.
  • Each stove has a different intensity of fire, so the cooking time will vary, so you should be aware of your rice, at least the first times you do it, since once you grab it, the mode will be easier for you. ; Remember to check it constantly so that the water is not completely consumed from the beginning and thus avoid burning.
  • If for some strange reason something did not go well and the water was not completely consumed, we recommend you empty your rice into a container that you can put in the oven, heating little by little you will achieve that the water that remains is consumed.

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Tips to cook perfect rice the easy way

Remember that all this also requires practice, surely at first it will be super tedious having to pay a lot of attention to each movement you make, but once you completely master the tips for cooking rice you will do everything by inertia.

Do not despair, remember that a good cook requires a lot of patience to be great.